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  • Shruthi Murali


    Hello I received the bag! It looks so good! And so well packed! Thank you
    The LV Bag is such a hit.

  • Harini Jambunathan


    I absolutely love the dress! The quality is amazing. Thank you so much.

  • Vintage won't age


    I love it, impeccable quality. The belt is heavy and looks very durable. The vest is even better than I thought. It's so plush. Also a big thanks to you for having sustainable packing. Kudos to you for the effort you put in for such a great experience. This is my third purchase and for sure not my last.

  • Ana Maria Saldanha

    Heyyyy receievd all the parcels! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Hema

    Hi I received the package and I just wanted to say it was beyond beautifully packed! The detail taken to pack each product according to it's shipping requirments was impeccable and goes on to show the ethics of your brand, I'm highly impressed.

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We're all about creating cleaner closets, not fast fashion.
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